Cruise and Charter

Ready to set sail? From all-inclusive yacht charters to family-friendly packages, these are the best cruise vacations and destinations from around the world.

Flying is the most efficient way to get from one part of the world to another, but it’s not exactly the most bang-for-your-buck, cost-efficient method of seeing and experiencing the places you visit. Let’s take it back to the time of the earliest global explorers and venture out onto the salt in massive, self-sustaining boats.

Fortunately, modern advances and technology have eliminated the dangers of embarking on a cross-Atlantic voyage. Today, forget about catching an incurable disease, running short on food or taking two-plus months to make landfall. You can make the long and short journeys alike both comfortably and cost-effectively. The one consistency from past maritime explorers and those of today: There’s plenty of rum onboard.

Consider a major cruise line that will take you to anywhere in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean or the South Pacific while feeding and housing you. In addition to regular-old cruise lines, don’t forget to check out themed cruises to find other people just like you. You can’t forget chartered yachts, either, as these crews offer exclusivity, privacy and luxury for you and your party.

See the World with The Moorings

Crewed Charter and Luxury Cruises

Major cruise lines offer eager travelers opportunities to visit tropical islands and a variety of countries, but, oftentimes, most lines pack their cruise ships with thousands of passengers. What’s worse, the number of crew doesn’t always allow for passengers to get the individual, focused attention that they paid for.

On crewed charters, it’s all about you and your closest friends and/or family. It’s the best of the best, all-inclusive vacation you could ask for, as you’re whisked by a professional captain and catered to by a gourmet chef who will know exactly what you do and don’t like to eat. Ready for the best vacation ever?

Cruise Destinations

Whether you’re looking for somewhere tropical to explore or a beach to lay out on, there’s no shortage of cruise destinations for you to venture to. Cruises give you and your party the chance to see places you’ve only ever seen from pictures on the Internet or in books. In addition to stopping at a variety of ports that are eager and fully capable of accommodating the crowds that cruises bring, you’ll find excitement in the affiliated shore excursions, too.

Hike a volcano, go on an island tour via jeep, snorkel in clear, clean waters with marine-life friends, or wander through expansive rainforests. Not so interested in anything physically arduous, there are also plenty of opportunities for foodies to indulge in local cuisines.

Choose the Right Charter

Our sister site, Cruising World, has created a charter directory that features detailed listings of the world’s top charter companies, sailing destinations and more. There are so many great options to choose from, but we’ve done the heavy-lifting for you!

Themed Cruises

Sure, cruises are fun, but what would make them better? How about combining the exotic, fun nature of traveling the world with your interests? And how about joining hundreds, if not thousands, of other people who share those interests?

Fortunately, someone invented themed cruises. Enjoy the accommodations of any regular cruise, but do so with, for example, your favorite wrestling stars onboard; or maybe it’s a cruise dedicated to honoring Star Trek; or a music cruise paying homage to Kiss. Long gone are the days of passing by a complete stranger in narrow corridors, as you both keep your gaze laser-focused on the ground; next time, you might deliver a Vulcan salute.