Cuba Serrano Superior

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Flavour Notes

Caramel, Hazelnut, Cacao

Recommended Brewing Methods

Espresso – 18g/40g 25-30 Seconds






Sierra Maestra


1000m – 1100m

£18 per kilo

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Cuban coffee, available in the UK.

An intense, island coffee

This deliciously sweet, low acidic coffee with a bold body is great for those who drink it black. The intense aroma are typical of most island coffees. The large beans produce an even roast which offer luscious, sugar cane flavours when roasted medium. Serrano is from the Sierra Maestra mountain range located in the South of the island. With this being one of few elevated regions in the entire country, most of the coffee production comes from this range. Cuban production had boomed in the recent years despite the embargo involved with exportation. This is the reason you cannot purchase this coffee online. Browse other single origins coffees by clicking here.

Cuban coffee history

Coffee was first introduced into Cuba by the Spanish, until the French took leadership and more focus was placed on coffee as an export crop. By the 1800’s there was a significant increase in plantations and cuban coffee found its place in the industry. Like with many coffee grown countries, its history has played a part in the quality and reliability of its exports. Fidel Castro’s vision of for the country crumbled the coffee infrastructure, with many citizens of Cuba fleeing the country before the revolution. It left many coffee growing plantations abandoned and the ageing crops drastically reduced their yields. Much reinforcement was done after the 1960’s to support the industry and small improvements finally paid off. After the end of the soviet regime, coffee was hard to get hold of with many of its exports going to Asia. The embargo left its trade in a turbulent state, however Europe now take most of the yearly harvest.


Reviews & Ratings

4 reviews for Cuba Serrano Superior

  1. Dave

    One of my absolute favourites from Adams & Russell. Nicely roasted and lots of flavour. I’ve found that the 1KG beans keep their taste very well over a couple of weeks if kept sensibly.
    Really worth the bother of picking up the phone and ordering, can’t buy online because PayPal won’t process payments for Cuban products.

  2. Marie Gallagher

    I really want to keep the quality and taste of this coffee a secret for fear of it becoming unavailable. Having tried some so called ‘Cuban’ offerings from other retailers I was somewhat skeptical about purchasing…..however, nothing ventured, nothing gained!!!! Yes, and what a gain!!!! This is a stunning coffee, especially if you prefer a strong (not bitter) brew with thick crema. Definitely going to purchase more before it sells out.

  3. Chris Cheetham

    I love Cuba and have been there several times, I am even married to a Cuban and love their coffee as it reminds me of their beautiful country and people. After countless hours searching for Cuban coffee I almost gave up, because of the US blockade I thought it impossible to get hold of. Then, I stumbled across Adams & Russell and realised that they were right under my nose just a few miles away from my home. Cubans enjoy their coffee as espresso with lots of sugar, their principle crop and this coffee is just as I remember it in Cuba. I can thoroughly recommend this coffee, I real taste of Cuban sunshine.

  4. Wendy

    My ultimate favourite coffee. Nothing else will do. Such smooth gorgeous rich flavours with no bitterness. I have always liked a good cup of coffee, but now enjoy a real coffee.

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