Brew Guide: Stove Top

A classic, affordable way of creating traditional espresso-based beverages at home with great results. 

A stove top is designed with brew ratio in mind, filling the coffee chamber fully and water chamber just beneath the valve will result in a balanced espresso.

Stove Top Espresso

Equipment: Stove top, heat source
Time: 1 minute 30 seconds

1. Fill the base of the stove top with boiling water just beneath the valve
2. Add ground coffee to the filter chamber and insert onto the base. Screw the top in place firmly
3. Place the stove top on a low to medium heat

Stove Top Coffee Grounds
Fill the coffee basket full of ground coffee, you don’t need to tamp it down
Stove Top Espresso Water Pour
Important: The water must be below the valve

5. Wait for the espresso to begin pouring and remove from the heat when it just begins to bubble
6. Serve and enjoy 

Stove Top Espresso Brew Method