Peninsula Blend


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Flavour Notes

Blueberry, Frangipane, Honey

Recommended Brewing Methods

Espresso – 18g/43g 27 Seconds


Ethiopian, Guatemala





2 Gold Star Great Taste Winner

Blueberry acidity of Ethiopia blended with the rich, cocoa tones of Guatemala develop into lingering frangipane and sweet finish. This blend is from two coffee origins that have provided the industry with some of the highest quality beans. Blended after roasting to ensure an even consistency and full flavour.

Ethiopia is the home of coffee, where the coffee arabica plant was first discovered, it is the only country where coffee naturally grows. The bean in this blend comes from Jima, a region in the south of the country notorious for strong base coffees with citrus, fruity tones.

Twinned with Guatemala, these beans bring a strong, brown sugar taste which balances the acidity to produce an all round blend. The Sierra Madra mountain range carves Guatemala in half and is dotted with active volcanoes. The rich soil and high altitudes make it a coffee haven. Overall, Peninsula is focused on high quality arabica from two of the most beautiful coffee growing regions.

“Our aim was to produce a coffee blend that emulates our team’s passion and commitment to coffee and to celebrate coffee roasting on the Wirral Peninsula since 1978.” – Tristan, GM.

Wirral Peninsula

As you may already know, Adams + Russell is located in Birkenhead, a town on the Wirral Peninsula. Our decision to name it Peninsula is a celebration of our roasting for over 40+ years. We source the highest quality arabica from all over the world and have a large customer base all across the peninsula.


Reviews & Ratings

4 reviews for Peninsula Blend

  1. Stephen Potter


  2. Rod Peterson

    Top draw coffee absolutely beautifully smooth no bitterness tried many different coffee roasters coffees in the country peninsula is my favourite thus far

  3. nikos

    Peninsula Blend was prefect for me full body amaizing flavour and taste i full recomend this beans its one of the best i had ever drink!

  4. Annie

    I only bought a 227g to try along with 3 of the Nicaraguan Pineapple Candy which was my favourite so far – think its lost its place as this is really all-round drinkable but with a top quality sweet flavour & no bitterness. I like my coffees with a great aroma too & this certainly hits that mark It reminds me of my granny’s house when grandpa had coffee percolating all day years before coffee became trendy – hope it’ll always be available

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