Colombia Origin


Flavour Notes

Cocoa, Floral, Orange Acidity

Recommended Brewing Methods

Espresso – 17g/40g 27 Seconds








1200m – 1300m

Our best selling Fairtrade coffee beans

Fairtrade Colombian is a bright, bold South American bean packed with acidity and a chocolatey finish. Like most Colombian coffees, the high acidity is due to the washed process that occurs when the beans are fermented.

Superbly smooth espresso

We only use 100% arabica beans sourced from Colombia that are carefully hand roasted for a smooth, easy drinking coffee. A smooth coffee with a touch of sweet nuttiness creating a superb espresso.

Fairtrade certified status

Buying Fairtrade coffee allows a higher proportion of equity to be given back to the farmers that produce this fantastic crop year after year. A higher income supports the families and ensures that a higher welfare standard is practiced before, during and after harvest. The dedicated farmers are the true experts in making sure this quality coffee tastes its best – and the more money and investments that is input to such farms is really seen in the cup, and the smiles on the farmers faces. The Fairtrade organistion also provides education and understanding to schools and businesses raising awareness of all areas of trade they govern.

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