Dark Roast Espresso


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Flavour Notes

Rich Spice, Tobacco, Smokey

Recommended Brewing Methods

Espresso – 16g/35g 25 Seconds







Dark Roast Espresso

Our darkest roasted blend for those who prefer their coffee with an extra bite. This full roast offers a bold body with a seriously intense flavour experience. Dark, dynamic flavours blended with pungent spicy notes and a hint of tobacco makes this coffee stands out from the crowd. African coffee can be enjoyed in a variety of roast types, explore some of our others here. Dark roasted blends are a wonder from the previous generations of the coffee industry. Most roast profiles are much lower now due to the interesting flavours that subtle brew methods have to offer. The nuanced flavours of the origin itself is more of a talking point than the intense caffeine hit. However, coffee can and should be enjoyed across versions of its history. Dark roasted coffee clearly made an impact when it was fashionable, and drinking it fresh makes that experience even better.

African coffee regions

Dark roast African espresso is a green bean cultivated in the Djimma region of Ethiopia, the birthplace of arabica coffee. Djimma refers to the region in which this arabica is grown, whilst some roasters also use the name of Mocha to describe this coffee. This is not to be confused with the Mocha Matari coffee which originates from Yemen, but may have played a part in the naming of the famous Yemeni trading port. Djimma is home to the Institute of Agricultural Research who invest a lot in improving the yields of a variety of coffees grown in Ethiopia.

Light Roast vs Dark Roast

The biggest misconception of dark roast coffee is that it contains less or more caffeine than lighter roasts. Although the taste is much stronger, the caffeine levels of the two remain relatively similar. This in fact all down to how you measure your coffee. Weighing out coffee for each shot or Cafetiere will result in a similar caffeine content of the brew. However using a spoon or scoop will in fact leave lighter roast brews with more caffeine. The roasting process burns off more organic content, including chlorogenic acid which is what caffeine is. Therefore lighter roasts are less dense, and contain caffeine than the same size scoop of dark roast coffee. The best way to have a higher caffeine fix is just drink more cups.

Reviews & Ratings

4 reviews for Dark Roast Espresso

  1. Peter McKeown

    Mixed up my previous review with another bean. African espresson is Fairly good but not as good as the Lavazza we usually have.

  2. David

    Good strong coffee though still looking for something stronger, something to replicate an Italian espresso.

  3. Dongyeub

    You don’t have to think about it. You have to taste this beans right away. Excellent. I’m willing to order to Korea every time. It is cumbersome but willing to wait for the time. That’s it!

  4. Desislav Avdzhiev

    One of the best espresso blend that I have tried!
    Super “crema”, really intense body….and the smokey notes are unique.
    Just perfect!

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