Pisa Cafetière


This contemporary cafetière features a comfortable push plunger and a contrasting beech wood handle. The innovative design of the lid helps it to retain heat, keeping your coffee hotter for longer.

The Pisa Cafetière comes with a full 227g bag of one of our Feature Roasts, choose either Filter or Espresso. View our Feature Roasts page here to see to look at our current favourites.

The Pisa cafetière design is inspired by Italy’s most culturally dense and beautiful city. The sleek design features are a combination of tradition and contemporary, creating a coffee maker that’s a pleasure to use. Who says your coffee routine has to feel “routine”?

Not only does it look good, it makes good coffee too. The fine-mesh stainless steel filter effectively traps grounds, ensuring consistency and clarity every single time.

Robust, heat-resistant clear glass insert
Rust-proof stainless steel outer
Natural beech wood handle

Pisa La Cafetière Brew Guide:

Heat the empty cafetière with some boiling water before use,
Allow the boiling water to cool down for a few minutes
Place 65g medium- coarse ground coffee into the bottom
Saturate the grounds and allow them to bloom for 1 minute
Fill the cafetiere the rest of way, stir with a long spoon to break up any clumps of coffee
Replace the lid and allow the coffee to brew for 3 minutes
Gently plunge. To retain heat, turn the lid 180° to close off the pouring lip

How Much Coffee Do I Use In La Cafetière 8 And 3 Cup?

We recommend using 15g of grounds for every 250ml of water. This device comes in two sizes, 8 cup and 3 cup. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • 3 cup (350ml) = 21g
  • 8 cup (1L) = 65g


The cafetière is arguably the most popular and well known at-home brew method. Brewed in a similar way to loose leaf tea, the full immersion method produces a bold tasting brew packed with deep, rich flavour.

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