Brew Guide: How to use the Aeropress

The most innovative and interesting ways of brewing coffee, the Aeropress brews fantastic cups of coffee that are easy to replicate and requires minimal clean up. The plastic design also makes it virtually indestructible which means it’s great for taking on camping trips or country walks. This guide is for the inverted Aeropress method, the cap faces upwards, so water does not drip through the filter whilst brewing.

Brew Ratio: 15g Coffee – 250ml Water
Equipment: Digital scales, Aeropress, filters
Time: 1 minute 30 seconds 

1. Heat water to 97°C and warm the Aeropress body, add a paper filter in the filter cap and rinse with water
2. Tare the scales and add the ground coffee and distribute evenly at the base of the Aeropress
3. Pour 30ml of water and allow to bloom for 30 seconds

Rinsing the filter removes any unwanted flavours and keeps it stable in the filter cap
aeropress bloom
Carbon Dioxide released during the hot bloom, a sign that coffee is fresh

4. Pour the remaining water into the chamber
5. Stir in a circular motion ensuring all the grounds have dispersed from each other

6. Place the filter cap on the body and secure, invert onto a mug
7. Plunge until a hissing noise is heard
8. Serve and enjoy

aeropress plunge
Plunge carefully to make sure not to spill your brew!