Colombia Dora Mendez Honey


Flavour Notes

Valencia Orange, Cherry, Soft Blueberry

Recommended Brewing Methods

V60 1:16, 2 minutes 30 seconds, Automatic Drip Filter 1:16, 4-5 Minutes




Honey, mixed anaerobic fermentation




La Plata, Huila



About Cedro Alto:

“We are Coffee Farmers. We are not importers, traders, brokers, exporters or “coyotes”. We are a vertically integrated organization made up of many small-scale coffee farmers that could never have direct access to roasters willing to pay fair prices for their microlots independently. We have banded together and enlisted the help of some non-farmers to challenge the traditional supply chain, reorganizing the coffee trade in a way that encourages progress for the community and quality coffee for the world.”

Cedro Alto is a collective of small-scale subsistence coffee farmers in Colombia that produce high quality specialty coffee by environmentally responsible means. Uniting individual small scale farmers in order to operate a proprietary vertical supply chain from the farms to the roasters and achieve economic stability for their families. The organization also contributes to development projects and offers consulting services in our own communities and others, conducts research into rural development economics, agricultural ecology, and the coffee value chain and produces educational content for the benefit of its stakeholders.

Today, the collective has grown to involve approximately 75 farms producing mircolots and 120 are in the process of improving quality and contributing to Traceable Micro-Regional lots in Colombia. It currently supplies roasters in the US and Australia with their sights on other growing specialty coffee markets to be able to involve all of the producers interested in joining the Cedro Alto coffee farmers collective.


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